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The water molecule

Life came into being in this water. As living things became more complex and specialized, they left the sea for the land, taking water with them as major part of their bodies. On the planet earth, water is life. A philosopher observed that the proper study of mankind is man : the water chemist paraphrases this; “the proper study of water is the water molecule”. The formula for water –H2O– By itself tells us only its composition and molecular weight. It does nothing to explain the remarkable properties that result from its unique molecular arrangement. Two hydrogen atoms are located 105′ apart, adjacent to the oxygen atom, so that the molecule is asymmetrical, positively charged on the hydrogen side, and negatively charged on the oxygen side. For this reason, water is said to be dipolar. This causes the molecules to agglomerate, the hydrogen of one molecule attracting the oxygen of a neightboring molecule. The linking of molecules resulting from this attractive force is called “hydrogen bonding”.


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